X-MasTree 1.4

A Christmas tree for your Mac


  • Different colors and sizes
  • Five different light effects
  • Many ornaments


  • With faster animation, uses more CPU


'Tis the season to put up the tree on your Mac and celebrate Christmas! X-MasTree is probably one of the nicest Christmas decorations for Mac I've found.

Not only can you choose between different sizes and colors (white, green, red or even purple and transparent) but you can also draw the tree in the Dock , have a "days till Christmas" reminder and add a shadow effect.

The tree itself is highly customizable. You have a choice of four lights (white, blue, red, green) with five different effects. A blinking star can also be added on top and you'll be able to choose ornaments of the four different colors available.

The traditional popcorn strands and tinsel are also available. All these elements really let you decorate your tree your own way, the key being not to overload it with decorations and have the right combination set up.

You can also activate faster animations but beware that this might use up a bit more of your CPU.

X-MasTree is a beautiful and highly customizable Christmas tree that sits very nicely on your Mac desktop during the holidays.

X-MasTree is a Christmas tree for your Mac. There are many options, including which color lights to display, lighting modes (static, blinking or fading), a few ornaments, and a badge displaying days left until Christmas.



X-MasTree 1.4

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